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Hi! My name is Bogdan Savka. I live in Lviv, Ukraine and I make accurate models of landscapes (mountains, canyons and other interesting landforms) out of paper. I took up this activity in 2015.

The process of creating a paper model starts with a draft which I create on the computer. Here I can adjust a real map (ncr Borzhava, Yasnyska), or draw something on my own (ncr Chornogora.Diptych, Bukovel). After that I print this model on the carton of necessary thickness. I carve every layer by myself with a paper knife and then glue it together. That’s it. However, this process takes quite a lot of time, on average, three-four weeks.

If you are interested in my works, you can buy some of them here or order the models of your favorite mountains, canyons, plateau, landscapes…


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Lviv | Ukraine


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