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Everest. The highest mountain of the world – at your home!


Mountains are a challenge! Not every climber has sufficient courage and endurance reserve to conquer new peaks. The peaks of the mountains attract with their elevation and inaccessibility. However, there is no mountain that could be compared to Everest which is the highest point of our planet and it only favors the bravest.

If you have climbed Chomolungma, you can tell your children and grandchildren without any exaggeration that you have been at the top of the world! And the one who has been there knows that this is an unsurpassed feeling, incomparable to anything else. 8848 meters up are even hard to imagine.

Everest is a dream that can only be realized by the chosen ones! But we can help make this dream come true. Rephrasing a famous saying, if you do not climb the mountain, then it may “come” to you.


The exact model of Everest is the beauty of any climber’s home.

The best motivation to do something is to visualize the thing you are aiming for. And here is the exact 3D model of Everest. The mockup of the mountain will be a decoration to any home and become a constant reminder of one of the ambitious goals you have! And for those who have already conquered this peak, it will become the best reminder of an unforgettable adventure.

You can purchase an exclusive model of Mount Everest created over the period of more than two months in exact accordance with the system of the highest mountain range of the Himalayas. This is an excellent hand-made work made of layers of hard paper, 1mm thick. The piece of the map was printed on the paper, so the layout looks very organic.



In total, 87 layers of paper were used to create the Everest model, each of them was hand-cut with a scalpel. After gluing, the master drew the details of rocks, glaciers and snow on the ends of each layer.

The model is completely covered with a transparent flat varnish which protects it well from moisture. Additional construction strength is provided by a monolithic oak stand.

The features of the model:

• This is an exact model of Mount Everest with detailed drawings;

• Material – 1mm thick paper;

• The dimensions of the model – 41Х35Х10cm.

• The number of the paper layers – 87;

• The coating – transparent varnish;

• The stand – a solid oak stand.



If you are looking for a unique thing for yourself or an original exclusive gift for a climber – our model will be a great option for you. You can also present it to your close person or a colleague, because Everest is a bright symbol of new achievements and success!


Buy of the exact model of Everest made of paper


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