Everest. The highest mountain of the world – at your home!

You can purchase an exclusive model of Mount Everest created over the period of more than two months in exact accordance with the system of the highest mountain range of the Himalayas. This is an excellent hand-made work made of layers of hard paper, 1mm thick. The piece of the map was printed on the paper, so the layout looks very organic…

Model of Svydovets

Paper model-copy of the most picturesque mountain range of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Accurate transmission of all mountain valleys, highland lakes and forests …


This is a model of one of the most famous mountains of Alps. Matterhorn is located on the border of Switzerland and Italy. Its height is 4 478m.

Herbert Island

This island is in the Aleutian Islands belt in Alaska. He is not something specially known, just one of the ranks of extinct volcanoes. Its only characteristic feature is a small lake in the old crater. This is the minimalist model of an individual object in the ocean …

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